The Riddle Evangelistic Association does not set a fee or make any type of financial
demands to come to your church. Whatever the policy of the church Dale and Gilda will
abide by that policy.

Please understand that The Riddles do not personally receive the honorarium or love
offering the church provides. They are paid a salary through the  Riddle Evangelistic
Association just as a pastor is paid a salary by his church. Checks should be made to
the Riddle Evangelistic Association.

Dale and Gilda's ministry is totally dependent upon the support of the churches where
they serve and individuals who feel led to help finance their work. If you invite a fellow
pastor to share in revival, your church's gift goes directly to him as extra income because
he is already receiving a salary from his church. However, your gift to the Riddles is not a
personal gift but goes entirely to support their ministry. Your consideration in this matter
would be greatly appreciated when deciding how and what your church will provide for the
work of Riddle Evangelistic Association.

The Riddles prefer to come simply on a love offering basis and are willing to accept
whatever the people give. This is  because their ministry is one of faith. When receiving an
offering during the revival, the church should be careful to explain where the money
is going.  The pastor or someone in the church should explain to the congregation when
an offering is received for the budget of the church and not directly to the ministry of the
Riddles. The Riddles have been in churches that have received large offerings
but the church only shared with them the amount listed in the church budget. The
congregation thought they were giving to the Riddles when, in fact, they were simply
helping underwrite the church budget.

The Association does request that travel expenses and lodging be provided for Dale and
Gilda if possible. If given a choice, the Riddles prefer to stay in a motel or some private
accommodation. This is because of their late night schedule and some much needed
time for some study, rest and privacy. However, if this is not feasible, Dale and Gilda will
accept whatever accommodations are provided.
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